A Family Tradition in Calgary Hospitality

Not only did the year 2000 mark the start of the new millennium, but it also marked Len and Bernice’s 40th year serving the travelling public at the Ambassador Motor Inn in Calgary.

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights along the way:

1945– Everything starts. Len is born; Mike and Jean (Dad & Mom) leave the farm and buy their first hotel

1960– Mom and Dad purchase land (just prairie on Calgary outskirts)

1961– Construction of the Ambassador begins

1962– Ambassador OPENS: First motel with swimming pool in Alberta

1963– Ambers Restaurant is built and opened

1965– Room rates range from $4.50-6.50 per night

1968– Len moves to Edmonton to build Ambassador Hotel – Edmonton

1969– Interest rates TOO HIGH – 18%

1971– Construction on Edmonton Ambassador starts

1972– Len and Bernice get married and open and operate Ambassador – Edmonton

1974– Tyler is born (Doctor tells Len “It’s a new bouncer”)

1975– Business grows and so does staff – to 108

1976– Sell Edmonton Hotel

1979– Build last wing (20 rooms) at a cost more than the cost of the complete motel and land 16 years earlier

1980– Recession hits – even Calgary “God’s Country” is affected

1981– Increase size of Ambers

1982– Trudeau gives Canada the “one-finger” salute; Len returns gesture

1983– Recession hardens with many friends and neighbouring businesses getting wiped out

1985– Second-guessing the earlier expansion – economy “stinks”

1987– Came to our senses and moved back to Calgary to run Motor Inn

1988– Olympics come to Calgary; Len gets “Gold Medal” for meeting thousands of great people

1989– FLAMES WIN CUP; coach gets fired

1993– Calgary hosts 2nd Grey Cup; Edmonton beats Winnipeg

1996– Tyler goes to Cardiff Wales University; Mom cries

1998– Complete major renovations to motel

1999– Preparing for Y2K; no major problems – want to buy a generator?

2000– New Millennium – ready to serve our customers until Y3K

2010– 50th Anniversary!

Our Commitment

The Ambassador Motor Inn is dedicated to providing its guests with comfortable and clean accommodations, good food and a friendly, helpful staff that will take care of your every need.

Keeping up with the fast-paced hospitality industry and staying current with its many changes and trends, we offer economical accommodations for any type of traveler.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and it’s something we take very seriously. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!

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